Akdong Musician’s “Play” review


Artist: Akdong Musician
Album: “Play”
Label: YG Entertainment
Year: 2014


Realistically, I had heard of this group because I they won “KPop Star”. I heard some of their songs here and there afterwards, but the songs flew over my head because it didn’t sound like the typical KPop song.

I got into them because I started playing the BeatEVO YG rhythm game on my phone to pass the time. Their music was available to play as stages and found out that I kind of liked some of their songs, so I made the leap to check out more of their music in full. I wanted to hear these songs from start to finish, not the short length version.


What makes them very fun to listen to is that they’re not your typical Korean idol group. They’re more like full fledged artists. Because this duo are brother and sister, the continuity and familiarity is already there as opposed to these groups that have to train countless hours a day and develop relationships. They have contrasting voices which makes for a pleasant listen all the way through.


As this is their first album, they’ll have plenty of room to grow. When they recorded this album, not only were they new to the business, but they were relatively younger which is tough for a singer songwriter. Their lead single “200%” was literally a max effort song.


I really love this album because it’s something different over the mundane world. There are many groups where they all look or sound the same. These guys are different because they have a specific sound that’s theirs in the Korean pop world.

It was a great thing on their part for choosing YG Entertainment as their label of choice after winning the entire competition since it’s a label that allows more for artistic freedom over the other two major labels in Korea.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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