Dream Ami’s “Re: Dream” review


Artist: Dream Ami
Album: “Re: Dream”
Label: Rhythm Zone
Year: 2017


Obviously, E-Girls are my favorite JPop group with Dream Ami being my favorite member of the group, so when it was announced that she was releasing some singles, I was incredibly excited. When it was announced that she would be releasing her solo LP, I became even more excited and was counting down the moment until it was released.


In this solo debut, Dream Ami shows why she was one of the main vocalists for her two groups. She showed that she can carry not only a song by herself but also an entire full length album. This album has diversity with uptempo songs and ballads. This has many singles and valuable B side tracks with producers from Japan and Sweden. I honestly feel that there are a handful of songs that everyone would like.  What makes this album more personable is that Ami wrote some of the songs.


Even though there are 17 songs on this album, four of these songs are covers. “Follow Me” was a smash hit that blew E-Girls up, but in the Dream Ami version, it becomes an acoustic song. “Try Everything” originally was a Shakira song, but because Ami did the Japanese dub for Zootopia, she was able to record the Japanese version. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Lovefool” were the other two songs. I did enjoy the songs, but four is too many especially when it’s roughly about a quarter of the album.


The reason why this album means a lot to me is because it came at a time when I was giving up on music from overseas primarily from the Korean scene. I wanted someone that would ignite the excitement I had back in 2011, and Dream Ami gave me that excitement as a part of E-Girls. Although she no longer is a member of both Dream and E-Girls, I will be forever thankful that she helped me become more excited about idols.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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