APink’s “Pink LUV” EP review


Artist: APink
Album: “Pink LUV” EP
Label: A Cube Entertainment
Year: 2014


This is roughly around when I was becoming a bigger APink fan and was trying to collect their discography. I bought “Pink LUV” because I felt APink at the time was the most pure group. Their songs are reminiscent of the Japanese idol groups with their cute and innocent vibe along with not trying to push the boundaries. I had heard that this group was aiming to have a more mature sound, so the skepticism came.


Well, the rumors were real. They did go for a more mature sound, but they kept their integrity and didn’t stray away from what made them popular to begin with. I’d say that their music has evolved from the bubblegum pop to a more ballad heavy set in this EP. “I’m Not an Angel” is still that vintage APink kind of song that we’re all familiar with.

For those that bought the physical copy, the listener also gets a bonus two tracks.


This album does showcase their singing more, but realistically, it’s not the APink I’m accustomed to, but it’s me being selfish in wanting the exact same group that did all those cutesy songs. It requires a few listens before the bad becomes decent then good. Even the lead single, “Luv” steered away from hit singles that leaned towards the adorable side, but once you hear the reasoning behind the evolution, it’s understandable.


To be honest, I didn’t like some of these songs at first but embraced them after enjoying them when they performed it live. I feel like it’s one of those albums where it has to grow on you the more you keep on listening to it. To get used to all those ballads will take time, but the songs are amazing once you embrace them. They’re still the same APink we have all grown to love over the time.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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