Nicole Jung’s “Bliss” review


Artist: Nicole Jung
Album: “Bliss”
Label: CJ Victor Entertainment
Year: 2016


Obviously, KARA is my favorite group, so when the all went their separate ways after not renewing their contracts with DSP Media, it was very heartbreaking for all Kamilias worldwide. It is somewhat of a blessing in disguise as it allowed each member to grow as individuals with each having their own solo projects. In this case, I had to check out Nicole’s first solo Japanese album, “Bliss”.


All these songs are really fun to listen to. She sticks to her strengths which is making songs that cheer you up and make you happy. Although this album is filled with quality songs from top to bottom, the song that stands out the most for me is “Dream of Love” since it cheers me up the most.


If she were to grow as an artist, she would have to take some risks. There was only one track that attempted to test her skills as a singer when it came to a more down tempo song. Maybe she could have done a few more ballads to diversify the album since the majority of the songs were pretty similar. I didn’t think putting the Japanese version of “Mama” was necessary since I felt that if she wanted to make a splash in the Japanese market, she should have gone all out with songs just for that region.


Out of all the former members’ individual albums, this may probably be my favorite since it not only is a full length album, but also is catchy and mostly fun to listen to. I’m really glad she’s able to do well on her own as an artist. It’s fantastic that she can be Nicole Jung the solo pop star and not just Nicole formerly of KARA.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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