Love Live! Sunshine! (2016 anime) review


Series: Love Live! Sunshine!
Studio: Sunrise
Year: 2016


After Love Live! School Idol Project! ended, I told myself that I was done with idol animes because it’s tough to invest yourself emotionally along with financially into a series especially with nine main characters. After the original series ended, I was encouraged to watch this new iteration, but kept declining.

After hanging out with a friend’s house where he put on this series on his TV, I went through a few episodes. Before I knew it, I was watching it on my own because if I start a series, I have to end it at some point.


This series runs similar to the original series where a girl named Chika Takami forms a school idol group after seeing her predecessors perform. During the course of the series, she not only forms this new group called Aquors, but also has goals of winning the Love Live nationwide competition for best school idol group along with saving her school from closure due to the lack of entrants.


This series is pretty much like School Idol Project! because it has catchy songs, lots of humor, and characters you can support. Despite all nine members coming from diverse backgrounds and are different in every way, they find a way to come together as one with common goals.

I really liked that it pays homage to School Idol Project! without having to rely on cameos at all. Just a few references here and there is enough to bridge the two series together along with visits to various points of interests like the famous steps and Kanda Shrine.


Although it is an entertaining series, the storyline is exactly the same. You have a nine member girl group all from different parts of life with three first year students, three second year students, and three third year students all trying to form a squad to win the Love Live competition and save their school. All the characters have similarities to their previous counter parts with Chika being almost exactly the same as Honoka. It’s a rehashing storyline that felt very unoriginal which is why I didn’t try to get into this series at first.


For those that want to continue the 2D idol life, this series is for them. It received a lower score because it’s pretty much the exact same storyline as the previous series with some slight variation to the characters. There’s nothing different except different setting.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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