Got7’s “Just Right” EP review


Artist: Got7
Album: “Just Right” EP
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2015


I pretty bought this EP on the strength that “Just Right” was one of the most popular songs in the summer of 2015, and that popularity bled into the fall time. It was just about that time when Got7 took the next step from the new kids of KPop to a very big deal in the genre. 2015 is when their popularity blew up. I knew this group had potential to be the next big thing but thought it would take a bit longer.


“Just Right” may be their lead single, but those that only know their singles are missing out because “Before the Full Moon Rises” could be the best song off this extended play. The first half of this album was more lighthearted with the pop sounds while tracks four and five aka “Nice” and “Mine” leaned more towards the hip-hop side. I liked how it ended with the song “Back to Me” which brought this album full circle.


I liked this album but didn’t love it. This EP is over average and really good but they just need a mega hit extra to put them over the top. At various points in this album, it did feel forgettable. It does on occasion take multiple listens to dig the “Just Right” EP.


The boys of Got7 are evolving as they’re not only finding themselves as an idol group but also finding themselves as artists as more members are getting involved in the writing process of songs. At some point, they will be the replacing 2PM as the main boy band of JYP Entertainment if they haven’t already. They have shown that they’re ready to step up when the guys of 2PM have solo activities and upcoming mandatory military service. Got7 is ready to be the “it” group of today’s KPop.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic


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