Moumoon’s “No Night Land” review


Artist: Moumoon
Album: “No Night Land”
Label: AVEX Entertainment
Year: 2012


I discovered this group via iTunes radio because I was trying to check out some Japanese artists that weren’t idols nor part of a JRock group. Something different was what I was trying to look for. I was trying to look for something that was easy on the ears because those JRock and idol songs are so full of energy. I let that radio run until I encountered a song that would cause me to end up buying this “No Night Land” album from Moumoon. That song was “Chu Chu”, and the rest is history.


With a mix of French electronic, JRock, and JPop, this is one of the most pleasant albums I’ve ever listened too. From top to bottom, the songs are amazing. For many artists, the best songs are their albums are the singles, but in this case, the best songs on “No Night Land” are all the b side songs. YUKA has an amazing voice that is very soothing.


I honestly don’t have anything negative to say because this is my first Moumoon album I’ve listened to and it’s supremely fantastic. I looked for something uniquely different, and I found it. I shall just leave it at that.


I don’t know what it is with Japan and their two person groups, but somehow they make it work. In this case, Kousuke Masaki and YUKA are a great duo that work well together. This group gets this rating because top to bottom, it’s a complete album with no filler songs nor skits which is what I look for. These 10 songs definitely have replay value top to bottom and even specific songs are amazing.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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