Sistar’s “Insane Love” EP review


Artist: Sistar
Album: “Insane Love” EP
Label: Starship Entertainment
Year: 2016


Sistar is easily one of my favorite groups, so anytime they have a comeback with a new album, you better believe I’ll buy it as soon as possible. In this case, I had to see what their extended play, “Insane Love” was all about. I was hoping for a solid album since I felt that Sistar is one of those groups that could do no wrong.


In all honesty, I actually bought this EP before I actually heard their comeback single named “I Like That” which would give me a fresh start. Once again, the songs are quite enjoyable. My favorite song on this EP would be “Say! Yes” due to going through the vintage Sistar route of making a very catchy song. They’re able to diversify with fun songs like “Yeah Yeah” to the ballad, “Stay I Love You” which was composed by the group leader, Hyorin.


Sistar are the queens of making summer smash hits, but this album was pretty short of that goal. This album did not make me feel like they were the it group going into the summer like in previous year’s past. It’s a solid album nonetheless but when you’re a group like Sistar, the expectations to deliver keep rising. They set the bar, and at best, the just hit slightly below it. When you’re a group with the popularity that they have, they can afford some slip ups.


This album was a tough pill to swallow since they ended up disbanding by the next year which meant there would never be a tour to support this EP. Although they did some performances on the countdown shows and saying farewell to do their own solo activities, it felt anticlimactic. It was another shot to my heart as another beloved KPop group disbanded from the generation when I became a fan.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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