Infinite H’s “Fly Again” EP review


Artist: Infinite H
Album: “Fly Again” EP
Label: Woolim Entertainment
Year: 2015


After enjoying their debut as a sub-unit, “Fly High”, I personally was anticipating this EP from Infinite H called “Fly Again”. Would it be more of the same or would it be something new? Would they work with the same formula that made it work last time or would they try to evolve as artists this time around?

It also helped that I had already seen them perform as a duo along as a part of Infinite, so the familiarity is there.


I’d say that there’s a bit of both. They had some of the magic that carried over from their previous efforts with their lead single, “Pretty”. The two standout songs on this EP are “Go Nowhere” and “Bump It”. This also marks one of the few times when I actually enjoy an intro because it’s pretty much a DJ IT track. For this project, they both were more hands on as they penned the lyrics together on the entire thing.


The lead single “Pretty” was decent, but didn’t hold the same weight as the lead single for “Fly High”. Despite Hoya and Dongwoo took more of the responsibility in the lyrics and song composition, they still required the use of guest appearances for almost all their songs. Even though they progressed in some areas, they regressed in others.


“Fly Again” is an extended play that is both a progression and regression at the same time which pretty feels like it cancels out. I feel at this point as just Infinite H, they have just plateaued, but still have the ability to improve over time even though it’s unlikely due to other projects.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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