Vivian or Kazuma’s “Moment” EP review

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Artist: Vivian or Kazuma
Album: “Moment” EP
Label: SME Records
Year: 2003


I was listening to pretty much just anime openings/endings, and went through the two Nami Tamaki songs for Gundam Seed. After I went through “Believe” and “Realize”, I came across a song that really caught my ear. It was another opening for Gundam Seed, but this time, it was from Vivian or Kazuma. I became really hooked to that song and had to find a way to buy the album with the song on it which happened by accident when I was doing some anime figurine shopping which somehow, had the album.


There are only three songs on this album, but obviously, “Moment” is the song that got me hooked. The back and forth pacing between both Vivian and Kazuma was amazing since they have contrasting voices.


Although this is a three song album, the other two songs are quite forgettable. If it weren’t for just leaving the album play all the way through just to get to the lead single again, I would totally skip tracks two and three.


If Nami Tamaki made me curious about watching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Vivian or Kazuma made me really want to watch it. Gundam Seed is one of the few anime series where I don’t have to skip the opening credits. Because of Vivian or Kazuma, I actually watched an anime series mostly for the opening.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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