U-Kiss’ “Moments” EP review


Artist: U-Kiss
Album: “Moments” EP
Label: NH Media
Year: 2013


When I buy music, I often buy a lot and on occasion forget which albums I actually buy. I remember after the concert of theirs that I attended, I thought that I should get more familiar with them, so I bought as much music from them as my wallet would allow me. I did buy a few albums, but for some reason, I didn’t end up listening to all of them until I found out I actually bought this extended play.


This extended is pretty good from top to bottom. It has some catchy tunes. I feel this album isn’t situated for just one song, but it works more along the lines of having to be listened from top to bottom since each song complements each other well. Each song transitions to the next song very organically.


It is one of those albums where you actually have to pay attention because the songs are pretty short along with only being a six song EP which means this album will end before you know it. With most of the songs clocking in around the three minute mark, it’s hard for each member to get in a memorable part in a song. Each member may just get very few lines.


With all the KPop boy groups I have to keep track of from TVXQ all the way to BTS, it’s hard to stay up to date. Realistically, U-Kiss is one of those groups that falls through the cracks for me as members leave and get added often. It’s a decent album, just not a great one. Obviously, if I remembered I had this album, I would have given it a listen.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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