Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” EP review


Artist: Tiffany
Album: “I Just Wanna Dance” EP
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2016


Girls’ Generation is one of the all time top selling groups not just from the world of KPop, but the world overall. They have fan bases that’s enormous from country to country. As individuals, they each have had careers in modeling, endorsing products, acting, going through the variety show circuit, and in this case, a solo career. “I Just Wanna Dance” is Tiffany Hwang’s first step towards becoming a solo artist.


What I really loved about this album is that all the vocals are from Tiffany and Tiffany’s only. There are no guest appearances. As a member of the famous Girls’ Generation, she could have easily gone the route of bubbly synthpop music, but she took the fork in the road to go through the R&B, dance, and mid 90’s pop route. The success of this EP rested on her voice only.

Even though this is a Tiffany album, there was a contribution from another member of Girls’ Generation. Band mate Sooyoung wrote the Korean version of “What Do I Do” while Tiffany wrote the English version. It also was cool to also have a song that’s in English too since a huge chunk of her fan base are English language speakers.


After being in the music industry for roughly a decade, I really wanted Tiffany to take more control of her music. Sure she had one credited song down, but with her solo debut album, it’s all about her. I’m sure she has learned how to write lyrics and work on song structure. What better way to connect with the Sones than to make a personal album not just for them but for her too? She does have phenomenal chance to improve as she’s an amazing vocalist.


Honestly, this EP debut from just one SNSD member is significantly better than any full length album from the entire group. This album has more potential, character, and charm than any Girls’ Generation album I’ve heard..

With Girls’ Generation not being as active as year’s past, I think Tiffany should continue to evolve as a soloist. She is one of the better vocalist in the group, and she could potentially be the most popular member if she continues her progression as she can communicate in Korean, Japanese, and English to the fans.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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