Ice Ribbon’s “Ribbonmania 2017”


The day after attending Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s event at Korakuen Hall, I made my return to the same venue at Tokyo Dome City to attend my second Japanese pro wrestling event and my first all women’s event aka joshi puroresu from Ice Ribbon called Ribbonmania on December 31st, 2017. I would spend my last day of 2017 at Korakuen Hall, but the folks at Ice Ribbon said that their show would run at noon which would give enough time to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Ice Ribbon were actually promoting their event at the BJW event at the same venue, and I was interested since I know a lot of women’s matches are really great with lots of smashing and crashing!

A lot of these wrestling organizations were able to host events at Korakuen Hall which is a walkable distance to the Tokyo Dome where NJPW was scheduled to host Wrestle Kingdom days later. Because a lot of people traveled for that event, many organizations were able to also hold events leading up to WK12. These organizations were not only able to draw longtime fans to their respective federations, but also draw new ones too. There were people from Tokyo, various other Japanese cities, and there were many people that were in town from around the world. People from international places that attended Ribbonmania included the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States. I even encountered people that attended the Big Japan show from the night before.

I honestly didn’t know anything about this show nor any of the roster besides looking up the history of Ice Ribbon months before to look up wrestling shows to attend and looking up the roster the night before. I just figured out who I may want to cheer for after looking at the flier. I was just hoping to see some great wrestling and fantastic storytelling.

This show did have a much different feel than the night before. Most of the attendees were male and a huge chunk of people were in town for a week of wrestling. Although there wasn’t weapons used to open people up, it doesn’t mean the ladies were able to slack off. There was tons of high flying actions and technical chain wrestling. The chops and strikes were pretty vicious and a lot of the competitiveness spilled into the audience area.

The biggest highlight of this event was definitely the merchandise room. It is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of and I’ve attended some of the biggest wrestling shows from many organizations. Upon entering the room to hopefully buy something, I was unable to because the room was filled past max capacity. That meant if you enter the room, you’ll be stuck and wouldn’t be able to leave. It really did feel like cattle. It took awhile to be able to leave the room and venue. I was super glad that it was packed because people are supporting their favorite stars and are willing to buy t-shirts, prints, and DVDs.

It’s great that people that were in town to see one major event give another organization some love. These gals put on a heck of a show. Strongstyle isn’t just for the guys. The ladies can hit just as hard as anyone and put on a wonderful performance. I’m super glad that people are supporting wrestling especially women’s wrestling. Korakuen Hall is an amazing place for puroresu.

Written by: Timtastic

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