Twice’s “One More Time” EP review


Artist: Twice
Album: “One More Time” EP
Label: Warner Music Japan Inc.
Year: 2017


I opted to get “One More Time” because it marked the first official Japanese release with music specified for that market after releasing songs that were translated from Korean to Japanese. I was curious to hear how their Japanese exclusive songs differed from their Korean songs since this time they were working with a different set of people in the studio.


Both tracks were amazing that captured the spunk of Twice with the spirit of Japanese idol music. “One More Time” and “LUV ME” were really catchy and really showed how fun the music of Twice could really be. It is music designed to bring joy and happiness to the Japanese Once members.


Obviously, it’s the safe route going with bubblegum catchy tunes. Unlike their Korean efforts, they weren’t as hands-on in this Japanese release as none of them wrote any lyrics.


Twice easily is the most popular KPop group in Japan breaking all kinds of records, and now they have some music to call their own there. This is only the beginning for them in this bigger market and sky’s only the limit on how big they can really get especially since they also have Japanese members.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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