Otaquest Live at Anime Expo 2018


On July 5th, 2018, at the heart of LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles, Microsoft Theater hosted Otaquest presented by LDH USA during Anime Expo week. This event featured artists like Teddyloid, YUC’e, Masayoshi Iimori, Hachioji P, Yasutaka Nakata, PKCZ, Crystal Kay, and headlined by m-flo, who recently reformed as a three-person group with Lisa completing the team. It also marked the first time m-flo gets to perform on American soil after years headlining countless shows in their native Japan. The event was put together by DJ Taku of m-flo and a lot of artists really wanted to be a part of this monumental concert.

The artists I wanted to see the most were m-flo and Crystal Kay due to being a long time listener of their music. I was really excited to see m-flo since I love so much of their music, especially with Lisa. It was easily up there on my bucket list of artists I’ve always wanted to see live. It also meant so much to see Crystal Kay since she was my gateway to music outside of the Western Hemisphere before I even know countries outside of the United States had some great quality music.

Other artists that I wasn’t as familiar with were also worth checking out too. I was also excited to see Verbal do his thing with his other group, PKCZ. I know Teddyloid is a pretty big name who has done shows before at Anime Expo. I was also curious to see what YUC’e, Masayoshi Iimori, Hachioji P and Yasutaka Nakata had to offer since I didn’t know them at all prior to the concert.

Most of the artists are DJs with some kind of EDM which I’m not as familiar with but with awesome visuals and crowd-pleasing tracks, it was fun to see something different than what I’m accustomed to.

When Crystal Kay arrived on the scene, that’s when I felt that things were getting real. She was a literal goddess ascending into the stage area to bless us with her performance. Her interaction with the fans is amazing. Although her set was short, it made me so happy that she performed my favorite song of hers, “Ex-boyfriend”.

When m-flo made it onto the stage, it was just Verbal and DJ Taku. I was wondering if Lisa made the trip or not, but I didn’t fret too much since they still hit us with hit after hit and classic after classic.

When Lisa was brought onto the stage, that’s when I personally lost it because most of my favorite m-flo songs have her in it. It was as if they’ve been together all along and never lost a step. Songs performed included ones that just recently came out to singles that made them famous back then. They didn’t do every single classic of theirs because that would have made the concert much longer than it already was, but they covered a ton of hits. They also had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Because I went with the platinum package for this event as a fan, I was given quite a few incentives like being seated up front and priority entrances. Not only did I receive some decent perks, but I also received a signed poster, a towel, a commemorative lanyard, badge, and an event t-shirt. The most important perk was a meet and greet opportunity with m-flo along with a photo op. The latter was the best part so that I could relive the memories.

This was one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had, but it helped that I was in the front row areas to witness history being made. What made this event much better than a lot of Japanese concerts is the ability to record since the majority of concerts featuring Japanese artists prohibit anyone from using a recording device to document the concert whether it be photos, videos, or anything to go on social media. I hope the artists can return again next year for Otaquest at Anime Expo, for their own individual concerts, or some other event.

Written by: Timtastic

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