Momoland’s “Great!” EP review


Artist: Momoland
Album: “Great!” EP
Label: Dublekick Company
Year: 2018


This group has been getting a lot of buzz in terms of 2018. With many girl groups from the era when I started to listen to KPop disbanding left and right, it’s hard to get into new groups especially since new ones prop up what feels like daily. I often give new groups a chance, but many of them don’t stick around long enough or don’t have songs I happen to like. I gave this group a chance based off of word of mouth from fellow friends.


While “Bboom Bboom” may be the lead single and would be getting all the radio play, the B side tracks are easily the hidden gems of the extended play. There are two songs that really caught my ear were “Same Same” due to it having a funky pop sound with a slight dash of R&B while “Fly” is the secret MVP song that really sold me as a group with a bright future.


The other song, “Curious”, was just an adequate song. It has some slight replay value, but it doesn’t stand up on its own. It takes listening to the short yet entire EP to want to listen to it. It’s not a bad song at all. The last two songs were unnecessary songs as they were just instrumentals.


I actually liked this album and gave me hope towards some of the newer groups. As long as good music is created, then I’ll always find a way to listen to it. I’m always sold on a group when the B side tracks are better than their promoted singles. In this case, I’m sold on them so far as a group. As of this writing, I haven’t checked out their other albums yet, but I will be doing so if their other music is as good as this.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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