E-Girls’ “Aishiteruto Itte Yokatta” EP review


Artist: E-Girls
Album: “Aishiteruto Itte Yokatta” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment
Year: 2018


This is release is a lead up to their long-awaited full-length album from E-Girls. By now, we’ve already should be used to the current eleven member lineup with Reina, Yuzuna, and Karen doing the bulk of the singing. This EP marks their third one, and they’re only getting warmed up now.


Although this group has eleven members, we all know who does the singing and what the roles are for the entire group. For many girl groups, it’s tougher to decipher who’s singing and each member gets a line here and there. At least for this group, only three members do the vocals while the rest of the group handles the performance.


For some reason, E-Girls and its members seem to love doing covers of Western classics. I know that they can release music without needing to turn back the hands of time. “YMCA” is a song that has withstood the test of time. If you’re going to remake a song, it has to be just as good or if not, better than the original. I don’t think it measures up to the Village People.

I do hope that the other eight members of E-Girls eventually get the opportunity to lend their voices to songs. I feel that they have the potential to actually be good singers but are held back since the singing roles have long been established over the past few years.


It’s a decent album, but as an eleven-member unit, this EP release wasn’t as good as the previous two releases. I wouldn’t say that with the current lineup that this is the worst of the three EPs released, but it’s more like it’s the third best.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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