Dreamcatcher’s “Prequel” EP review


Artist: Dreamcatcher
Album: “Prequel” EP
Label: Happy Face Entertainment/Interpark Corporation
Year: 2017


One of my friends suggested this group when I was seeking new music in KPop music outside some of the bigger names. I took her up on it and started to check out Dreamcatcher.

Apparently, they were previously known as MINX but were rebranded with new members, thus becoming Dreamcatcher. This marks their debut as a seven-member unit with the “Prequel” extended play.


It does have some JPop influences as “Fly High” and “Wake Up” have those alternative Japanese idol sounds. The songs have elements of JRock with JPop like such artists like BiSH and Babymetal but not too much to become a Korean clone. The song “Sleep-Walking” has some elements of 80’s pop music along with anime influences. Those were the stand out tracks on the EP.


The intro and instrumental tracks weren’t needed in my opinion since those are tracks that are often skipped when listening to whole albums. Those tracks were there to fluff up the song listings.


So far I like what I hear. From their evolution from MINX to Dreamcatcher, they have the tools to become successful and can keep evolving. They have a lot of potential to become one of the bigger girl groups in all of KPop if they strive to be different and stand out as opposed to blending in.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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