2PM’s “Grown (Grand Edition)” review


Artist: 2PM
Album: “Grown (Grand Edition)”
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2013


This album came with the “Grown” album if you bought the Grand Edition set, but if you wanted just the album, it’s available digitally. This technically is a bonus disk, but it’s a must-have for any 2PM fan as it has bonus material.

I opted to get this album since I was curious how the members of 2PM would fare as their own individual artists since they were already great as a boy band.


None of these songs were officially released as full fledge singles, so pretty much every song is a B side. There are some hidden gems that even hardcore Hottest don’t even know about. There are two songs that stand out to me above all others.

The first one is a solo by Nichkun called “Let It Rain”. The entire song is in English which is a treat since 2PM as a group is one of the better KPop groups that have all members that can speak some kind of English. The song is really beautiful, and if you pay attention to the lyrics, it becomes clear how amazing the song especially with the accompanying piano instrumentals.

The second song that really stood out was “True Swag” by Jun. K. The song really hits hard and although most of the song is in Korean, a nice chunk of it is in English with some memorable lines. Pretty much, this song is about how much swag Jun. K has. I do feel that this song is harder than a lot of the Western hip-hop music.


Unfortunately, the rest of the album was either forgettable or bad. The rest of the solos weren’t any good and skippable.

There are some guest appearances by labelmates, San E and Yubin from Wonder Girls, but unfortunately, they couldn’t save the Taecyeon solo. Actually, if it were just Taecyeon himself, the song would have been decent since he was the highlight of “It’s Time”.


As a bonus disk, it’s a treat to have as bonus music. Too bad I’m treating it like its own album since it’s available to purchase as a stand-alone one. The members themselves have a ton of potential to have solo music careers as some of them have ventured to that route. I personally have seen that potential at their concert during their solo sets. That potential mostly fell flat in this album.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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