Dance Earth Party’s “Anuenue” EP review

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Artist: Dance Earth Party
Album: “Anuenue” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment Inc.
Year: 2018


I got introduced to Dance Earth Party since I’m a fan of Dream Shizuka’s singing during her time with E-Girls and Dream which brought me to this group where she gets to showcase her vocal talents full time with Exile Usa and Exile Tetsuya as her performers. Since E-Girls are my favorite JPop group, I want to support each of their other ventures especially when it comes to music.

After seeing them in Japan even though it was just an appearance, I became more motivated to check out their music.


This EP comes with two songs which are “Anuenue” and “Romanhikou”. Although the title track is amazing, the B side track was the one that got me sold on this project. I really love the island influence on the sound direction of this EP. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard in Japanese pop music. I’ve never heard any reggae or music from tropical islands in JPop. I really dig how different this is from other stuff I’ve ever heard.


With this being just two songs, I have a gut feeling that it’s just a build-up towards a bigger goal which is a full-length album. I think at some point, these songs will end up on an LP which I’ll be happy to fork my money over.


As this is the first time I’ve bought music from Dance Earth Party, I’ll be looking forward to checking out their projects in the future and going back in time to get their previous works. As of this one, I love it so far. I’m happy Dream Shizuka is still doing her thing and still singing after her tenure in her previous two groups ended.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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