KCON LA 2018 Preview: Saturday


On Saturday, August 11th, 2018, it would be day two of KCON LA aka the first day with concerts involved. The artists scheduled to perform are Ailee, Dynamic Duo and Crush, Golden Child, IN2IT, Momoland, Wanna One, and Twice as headliners. Davichi and Mia will also be appearing as special artists.

One of the major events for this day is the artist engagements. The artists scheduled for these intimate interactions include Ailee, Twice, Wanna One, and Chung Ha. The artist engagements are usually the main highlights of KCON and many people will be trying to see the artists up close.

Taekwondo is the national martial art of Korea. Many people around the world practice this martial art for self-defense, fitness, and discipline. There will be a Taekwondo demonstration on the KCON stage during the convention. Who knows what we can expect? Will there be hand to hand combat or some cool choreography? Maybe many boards will be broken. The only way to find out is to check it out.

Although they are not Korean, Korea has a special place in their hearts as the siblings of Alex and Maia Shibutani earn an Olympic medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Together, they are known as the “Shibsibs” and are some of the rare brother/sister ice skating teams. It’s a great opportunity to meet some Olympic champions.

Besides the concert itself and the artist engagements, one of the most important events at KCON is the red carpet where all the artists walk down the red carpet so that everyone can have a chance to snap a photo for the memories. Think of it as the Hollywood red carpet but indoors with Hallyu stars.

At the beginning of the day, there will be the finals for Cover Star K where the winning performance would be allowed to perform at the pre-show of the KCON concert so many people will try their best to get inside the Staples Center to perform for thousands in attendance and millions around the world.

There are some very informative panels as well. Some of them are very important for those that want to be on the media side to the KPop world or how to become a member of the media. There are some panels and workshops on makeup and Korean beauty products. There’s a lot of important events all around the convention.

The Saturday portion of KCON promises to excite everyone as it is the heart and center of the weekend’s festivities.

Written by: Timtastic

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