KCON LA 2018 Preview: Sunday


On Sunday, August 12th, 2018, KCON comes to LA for day three also known as the last day of the event, but it promises to pack together a full day’s worth of entertainment in the Korean entertainment realm. The scheduled performers for the Sunday concert at Staples Center include Chung Ha, fromis_9, Imfact, Nu’est W, Pentagon, and the headliners, Seventeen. Dreamcatcher, Jun, and Roy Kim will also be there as special artists.

Once again, the red carpet prior to the concert will become a must-attend event with all of the Sunday performers walking down the red carpet inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s the Korean version of the Hollywood red carpet minus the LA heat, but it’ll still be hot with all the artists scheduled to be there.

The artists that will have artist engagements for this day include fromis_9, Pentagon, Seventeen, and Nu’est W. Many people will really want to attend one if not all of the fan engagements since the opportunity to be in an environment to hear from their idols are rare. Some are even trying harder to be an active participant in the high touch event to be even closer to their favorite idols.

Many people do attend the convention itself without attending the concert due to various unfortunate circumstances. Luckily, many of the sponsors of the event do have tickets to give away, but of course, it has to be earned so feel free to try your luck through many of the booths. A lot of the booths also have some free swag to give away, so the chances to come away with something are pretty high.

All day, there’s a block party on Chick Hearn Court where many stands will be open to serve food. A majority of them are modeled after the delicious street foods of Korea, but there are some wonderful other food trucks that represent the city well like Okamoto Food truck. Whatever your taste buds want, I’m sure there’s something for you.

Although it is the last day of KCON, there will be a lot of things to do whether you want to learn the choreography to the latest hit single or chill and watch a Korean drama. It won’t feel like the last day of a con when most cons’ final day include calling it in early and packing it up as soon as possible. KCON will sure be around to entertain the masses until the end of the concert.

Written by: Timtastic

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