TVXQ’s “Before U Go” review


Artist: TVXQ
Album: “Before U Go”
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2011


I was introduced to this group as a two-member unit, not the five-member everyone else knows, so this is my first venture into Cassie land. This marks their first album after the split from their former mates, so they wanted to show their fans that they still had it and were more than capable of carrying on the legacy along with the name of TVXQ.


“Keep Your Head Down” is the song that resurrected TVXQ as a group after the scandal almost brought the entire group down while “Before U Go” is one of the rare KPop songs that tells a story especially if you watch the full music video. It’s much different than most SM music videos where it takes place in a symmetrical setting.

Although “Before U Go” and “Keep Your Head Down” are the main hits to carry this album, the song that I really liked was “Journey” featuring Seohyun from Girls’ Generation. I love the contrasting voice she provides to give the song a different direction.


Some of the songs do fly over the head, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. It’s a bad habit of SM Entertainment over-relying on smash singles to carry an album as opposed to making a great album from top to bottom like many other labels do. At this point in their career, they’re still getting used to picking up the slack of their former members.


After listening to both five-person TVXQ versus two-person TVXQ, I have concluded that the two-person version is superior. Changmin and Yunho can carry the group themselves and are more than capable of owning the spotlight as they’re still able to fill the void of the other three. They have thrived more than ever as they can keep doing stadium and arena tours all over the world.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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