Momoland’s “Fun to the World” EP review


Artist: Momoland
Album: “Fun to the World”
Label: MLD Entertainment
Year: 2018


2016 was the year of their debut, and 2017 was their year of growth. 2018 was the year they blew up. Their hit singles helped them become a bigger name in the KPop world, and in some cases beyond that. The song “Baam” helped elevate their status and became one of the catchiest songs in recent memory.


This extended play comes with four songs. They are “Baam” which is the lead single, “Veryvery”, “Bingo Game” and “Only One You”. There is some variety where all the songs don’t have a similar sound which is good if you want to hear different sides to Momoland and see that they’re so much more than a single song album release. Each song is also uniquely catchy, so you could enjoy all four songs.


Obviously with two EP releases in 2018, each project will be compared. It’s absolutely fine to love “Fun to the World” and “Great!”. If you’re going to release two extended plays within the same year, you might as well do a full album instead. “Fun to the World” has some really good B side songs that fans would grow to love while “Great!” has great B sides that can convert anyone into a fan.


In terms of 2018 releases, I liked the “Great!” EP over this one due to having more songs that were more pleasing, but this extended play is also very enjoyable. Both releases have really fantastic lead hit singles, but “Fun to the World” doesn’t win in the B sides department even though it’s really good.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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