Dream’s “Only You” EP review


Artist: Dream
Album: “Only You” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment
Year: 2013


As an E-Girls fan, it’s only natural to branch off into the sub-units and groups that merged into E-Girls like Dream, Happiness, and Flower. In this case, it’ll be one of the groups that merged into E-Girls which is Dream with the lineup of Ami, Aya, Shizuka, and Erie. This will be the review of their extended play, “Only You”.


This EP has not only the titled single, but it also has songs named “Boom! Boom!”, “My Day, One Way”, and “Catch A Wave”. The really amazing thing is that all the songs are wonderful. My favorites are “My Day, One Way” and “Catch A Wave” since I felt they were the catchiest of the catchy. The entire EP from top to bottom is fantastic. All four members get every opportunity to shine as all songs are evenly divided between everyone.


I can’t really say anything negative since this is one of the best EPs I’ve heard except the fact that I wanted more music like this. I love that everyone’s voices contrasts from each other. The music feels fun, fresh, exciting, energetic, and so much more.


This EP is so great that you can leave it to loop, and it’ll be welcomed. I’ve listened to this EP several times consecutively. Although I didn’t grow up with this group from the start, I’m glad I have been able to check out one of my favorite artists in the JPop genre.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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