S.E.S.’s “I’m Your Girl” review


Artist: S.E.S.
Album: “I’m Your Girl”
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 1997


With so much many KPop groups debuting at a rapid pace and also at its most popular state with the whole world loving the Hallyu Wave, it makes you wonder which groups in the past were popular. There are many people that consider artists like BoA, TVXQ, and Super Junior to be one of the elder statesman in SM Entertainment, but I wanted to go a bit further back artists before them which brought me to S.E.S.

I’ve crossed through some of their music and music videos long before I got into any kind of Asian pop music. It wasn’t until recent memory where I wanted to explore some of the past popular artists before all my current favorite ones started to exist. We’ll look into 1997’s “I’m Your Girl” by S.E.S.


One of the positives is that it has some verses from Eric Mun and Andy Lee who would both be debuting for another first generation KPop group, Shinhwa. Lee Soo Man himself was also directly involved in the creation of this album with producing and penning some of the lyrics. At the time of the recording of this album, SM Entertainment didn’t have the resources they do now, which lead to a smaller team working on this album.


Realistically, this album is considered a classic in KPop circles, but it also definitely sounds like it came from the first generation era of KPop with such songs like “Nonsense” and “Deja Vu”. This album is a tale of two halves with the first half of this album being their singles and upbeat songs while the second half is mostly ballad songs and the song “Rock’n Country”. The quality of songs does feel like it keeps declining with each song.


Although this album is a very good album, it definitely is from a set era especially since it features folks from that were around from that time period. “Oh, My Love” and “I’m Your Girl” are some of my favorite KPop songs. Some of their B side songs are very good as well, and it’s great to hear that KPop in the late 90’s really help pave the way to some of the current hottest stars of today. I do like the fact that back then, every single song didn’t sound like an EDM track with lots of heavy bass drops.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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