fromis_9’s “To. Heart” EP review


Artist: fromis_9
Album: “To. Heart”
Label: Stone Entertainment
Year: 2018


I first encountered this group at KCON LA 2018. I saw them first that their pinky promise events and thought that they must be doing something right when they draw a giant crowd even though a majority of them won’t get to be active participants. Later on, I saw their preview performance and thought that a few of these songs were super catchy and felt that their performance was extremely cute. Finally, I saw them do their performance on the concert night and was sold on them as a group which prompted me to check out their music. The song that caught my ears the most was “To Heart” since it’s a cute song which is why I started on this EP.


Obviously, I went for this EP first since I really like the titled track, but the other track that really surprised me was the song “Miracle” since it has a different vibe than “To Heart” but still maintained their cute charm. “Pinocchio” kind of has a Twice meets Sistar sound which could help that fan base get into this one. “Be With You” does start off sounding like a more down tempo song but changes its tune. That song sounds like it could be a B side song for Apink.

I do like that they didn’t stack their two singles at the beginning of the album like what most groups do. “To Heart” is placed at the beginning of the album while their pre-debut song, “Glass Shoes” is located at the conclusion.


First of all, the intro aka “The Way To Me” wasn’t really necessary as it was an absolute filler of a track. The EP was already at five songs without the intro track.

As a group, I know their new and all, but no one vocalist stands out as most of the members sounds pretty similar.


I do think this group has promise as they have time to mature into a valuable group especially since they’re not going to be looked at as the only artist on Stone Entertainment’s roster since the label is pretty stacked with talent. They’re still pretty new, and many fans have grown to liking them very much.

Their debut release shows that there is potential, and they have the possibility of becoming a much bigger group in the years to come.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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