YumeConUSA 2018


On October 20th, 2018, YumeConUSA held their annual one day anime convention at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. This year, there wouldn’t have to be any competition against any inclement weather as the skies were clear for people to be outdoors.

Many vendors and artists filled the main convention room to sell many anime goods ranging from artwork to figurines to anything in the world of anime. Even such things like KPop goods and comic book things were being sold.

In the gaming room, there were many competitions being held from video game tournaments to games of Jenga. There were many casual console setups along with PC ones so that all kinds of games could be represented. There was even a Dance Dance Revolution setup which brought all kinds of hype.

There was an increased presence in the stage performances as there were martial arts demonstrations and dance numbers while many people participated in the raffles and auctions to come away with prizes. Even the raffles continued long after the convention concluded which showed an interest in the raffles.

For other entertainment, 5.1 Maid Cafe came through to bring the maid cafe experience to YumeConUSA 2018 with many fun activities especially photo opportunities. Many of them were interested in the stage performances and gaming activities. The panels were very informative and the video room aired anime for those that wanted to watch.

This year, the new addition which was a welcomed one was the inclusion of food trucks. There were two food trucks, one selling Asian fusion while the other sold Mexican food. I of course, had to tackle both as food is a weakness of mine.

There was also a highly contested cosplay contest with many different categories which game many people chances to win.  There were even a lot of people that didn’t expect to do well, but they ended up with success.

Overall, it was an awesome experience to be a part of this event. Many people had a great time cosplaying and participating at the event on multiple fronts. I look forward towards its growth for next year’s edition.

Written by: Timtastic

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