IU’s “Real” EP review

IU Good day pic

Artist: IU
Album: “Real” EP
Label: LOEN Entertainment
Year: 2010


I’ve always enjoyed the music of IU for a few years. I have bought some of her music, but they were mostly singles. I wanted to check out her album releases from top to bottom and undo my wrongs of not listening to the entire albums considering IU is one of the most consistent artists in KPop music.

I started with “Real” since “Good Day” is my favorite song off this album, so I might as well have this release as my starting point.


Let’s get started with “Good Day”. Listening to this single actually really does help improve my day so that it may possibly become a good day. The song itself gives hope and shines a light through the darkness.

Pretty much the rest of the album is all ballads. IU has a very pleasant voice which makes you feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside. She also showed that she could also put lyrics together as she wrote the song “Alone in the Room” which has an R&B vibe which was really impressive as she was 17 years old when she wrote the song. Most of the album deals around love, breakups, and the feelings surrounding those two subjects which teens and young adults may relate too.

“Merry Christmas in Advance” is a song that features MBLAQ member, Thunder. I like the placing of this song at the end of the album as it ends it on a good note, not a somber slow ballad. Their rapport with each other is also really great.


Some of the songs kind of feel forgettable on its own, but if you listen to the album whole, it makes sense since a good majority of the album deals with similar topics. I personally could not tell you the difference between the some of the songs since they have a similar feel despite not being able to understand the language prior to translating the lyrics


This album on the first listen goes by really fast and over before you realize what’s happening. IU became “the nation’s little sister” by being the singer everyone seems to love. I enjoyed this album especially after being able to understand the music and lyrics. With every listen, it actually gets better since you feel it more and more each time.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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