Red Velvet’s “The Red Summer” EP review


Artist: Red Velvet
Album: “The Red Summer” EP
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2017


Obviously, the reason I had to check out “The Red Summer” is like everyone else, the lead single, “Red Flavor” became one of the most addicting KPop songs of all time. It was so catchy and every person was doing dance covers while other idols were imitating their every choreographed moves. All I did was jump on the bandwagon as if I wasn’t on it to ride their current wave of momentum.


I like everyone else, came for “Red Flavor” but stayed for everything else. The song that I really enjoyed was “You Better Know” which kind of had an anthem feel with a touch of EDM in it. I can see some kind of mash up DJ try to remix this song. “Zoo” was a decent track that had a jungle feel along with EDM but with a Red Velvet charm all mixed together. “Mojito” really has a sound as if it could have been a single if it were released on any other album, but it just didn’t. “Hear the Sea” is the version of Red Velvet I like the most which is when they decide to go through their R&B route and just be very smooth and sweet like red velvet.


This album was so good with so much diversity that I really didn’t want it to end. When you initially listen to the album whole, it takes you on a quick journey through a range of emotions, but is over before you know it. It’s not quite a roller coaster, but you take a ride through the world of Red Velvet. When it finally ends, you kind of feel bummed out until the album restarts which restarts it.


Red Velvet is definitely the girl group that is currently the face of SM Entertainment and is one of the driving forces in generation three of KPop. Sister groups Girls’ Generation and f(x) have pretty much given the girls of Red Velvet the torch to help carry SM Entertainment through the present and into the future. By releasing successful singles like “Red Flavor” that’ll take the KPop world by storm, it’ll be ensured that it will happen.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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