KARA The Animation (2013 anime) review

Series: KARA The Animation
Year: 2013


As a huge fan of KARA, it was a must to watch. As a person that also binges a lot on anime, it made sense. When these two worlds combined, it was a must see. I was also curious to see how the five members would carry their charm into a brand new media which may have felt foreign to them.


There are five episodes with each member getting a starring role in each episode. In the first one, Gyuri is a police officer in Mexico City who uses a giant robot and other things at her disposal to take down a criminal. In the second episode, Seungyeon is in space and encounters an alien and must eliminated it before it decimates the spaceship she’s in. In episode three, Nicole is a captain of a cruise ship and must stop some terrorists from launching nukes on board the ship while protecting everyone on board. The fourth episode has Hara being a bodyguard to protect a member of the royal family but ends up having to take him down. The final episode has Jiyoung portraying a firefighter in Miami that must take down a man that has ill intent on burning down buildings.


What I liked about each episode was that each member got a full episode to themselves and was able to get the limelight. Each member showed that they can kick ass in their own special way. It showed that they each had a cool job which involved lots of danger which they always overcame. This series showed that ladies could be beautiful and extreme all at the same time.


With each member getting their own episode, it was harder to have any kind of character development except within their own episode. The good thing is that we got to grow with the character because we already get to grow with each member outside of the series.

I also would have liked to have one episode where they all appear together to do something cool. Sure, they each lovable individually, but they work so well together.


This series marks the first time I have ever watched an anime series dubbed in Korean. I’m just used to having a series in Japanese.

As a longtime Kamilia, it brought me joy that each of them were cool in their own way. With each episode taking part somewhere around the world or outside, it showed that the girls are capable of world domination, and with each of their talents, it showed that they can overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

Even if you’re not a fan of KARA, it’s a fun series with only five episodes which means it’s a lot easier to get through as opposed to many other anime series that are significantly longer and take a much longer time investment.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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