Dance Earth Party’s “HAPPiLA” EP review


Artist: Dance Earth Party
Album: “HAPPiLA” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment Inc.
Year: 2018


I decided to give this EP a listen because due to loving Dream Shizuka’s work as a part of Dream and E-Girls. I also know that her work with Dance Earth Party is completely different from anything we’re accustomed to with a fresh set of sounds. The song “it Must Be Love” definitely caught me my surprise especially watching some concert footage of this specific performance.


I know that Dream Shizuka usually provides the vocals for most of the songs, but it was refreshing to have Generations from Exile Tribe and Moomin also appear on songs to give it a contrast in voices.

The song that I really loved was “it Must Be Love” because it had that fun dance track feeling from the early to mid 1990’s that I grew up on. It felt like a real throwback.

The titled track, “HAPPiLA” had that island fiesta feel which totally is different from all the JPop songs I’m accustomed to while “Moonlight Dancehall” continues and concludes the island party with that chillness that slows it all down while you’re still having fun.


I needed more of this. The music of Dance Earth Party is unlike anything I’ve ever heard in this genre. I’ve listened to plenty of music from various islands from the tropics to the Caribbean, and I feel this is on par with a dose of JPop infused into it.


When Dream Shizuka withdrew from Dream and E-Girls, I was sad, but after hearing how much effort she’s putting into Dance Earth Party, I completely understand. I really love that she’s taking control of the musical aspect of this current group of hers. I really love this musical direction this group is going in, and so far, they could do no wrong. This is what music should be all about which is pushing boundaries and putting the fun back.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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