Twice’s “Yes or Yes” EP review


Artist: Twice
Album: “Yes or Yes” EP
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2018


Just when we all thought Twice was done for the year with a successful 2018, they made another comeback with “Yes or Yes”. They could have coasted for the rest of the year. They also had Japanese releases to promote. Normally, most groups would be content with that kind of success, but somehow, someway, it wasn’t enough for the girls of Twice. I thought “Dance the Night Away” or “What is Love?” would be their best hit of the year, but boy was I wrong. Everything changed with the release of “Yes or Yes”.


We already know that the focal point is the lead single “Yes or Yes”, but one of the most important things was the inclusion of the Korean version of “BDZ” which originally was a Japanese release. It’s important because the Japanese version as of this post is not available for purchase, and it was one of their most popular songs.

In previous albums, when a member of Twice would write a song, it’s either hit or miss, but usually, it was just there to fill out the album. This time around, the songs are some of the best ones on this EP with such great songs like “Sunset”, “Young & Wild”, and LaLaLa.


I felt that even the songs were pretty catchy, there was something missing. As idols, they grew by leaps and bounds, but as artists, they took a step back. Only three members of Twice have album credits for writing lyrics, but they also happen to be among some of the better songs in the EP.

I also wasn’t feeling the song “After Moon” as I feel like down tempo songs are a weakness of Twice. I feel like only hardcore Once would love the song, but casual fans wouldn’t love it.


“Yes or Yes” is actually now my favorite release from Twice. Both the album and single were smash hits. It got me paying even more attention to this group more than I had previously. It’s one of those songs that has such fantastic replay value. Twice has taken steps forward not just as idols but as artists as well.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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