“My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” (2018 anime movie) review


Movie: “My Hero Academia: Two Heros” aka “Boku no Hīrō Akademia THE MOVIE: Futari no Hīrō”
Studio: Bones/Toho
Year: 2018


As huge fan of the Boku No Hiro Akademia series, I really wanted to watch this movie since the anime is one of my all time favorites, but unfortunately the same is actually said for so many more. The premiere at Anime Expo 2018 was insane with staff having to turn away people and utilizing a way to distribute tickets. I waited a few months to watch it in theaters which was a pretty long wait but worth it.


All Might gets an invite to I-Island which is a gathering of researchers that do experiments on Quicks (super power abilities). He decides to bring Midoriya as his guest. He also reunites with his long time friend, David Shield.

All of Class 1-A somehow gets onto the island by work or by invitation. While getting ready to attend a party, a new threat breaches the security system and takes everyone hostage including All Might and David. The only ones that weren’t taken were some of the invited guests of Class 1-A and David Shield’s genius daughter, Melissa.

Together, once again, they must utilize their strengths and knowledge they have gained through previous experience to once again take down this threat.


It may help if you actually watched the series since it does tie into the anime, but if you didn’t catch up to that point or haven’t started the anime yet, it’s a pretty good standalone movie. Like the anime, it leaves you feeling good at the conclusion of the credits.


Although it is exciting to see the crew back in action while the anime is on hiatus, it’s unfortunate that not all of the students from Class 1-A saw any action. Fan favorites like Toru, Tsuyu, and Mina pretty much were absent from the movie except some cameos here and there.

For those not familiar with the series by way of anime or manga, there wasn’t enough time for character development.

I felt like this is pretty much a movie for BNHA fans as a fan service. For those that aren’t necessarily fans, it’s a skip. It’s a side adventure, but it’s not needed and isn’t canon. I do recommend seeing it since it’s fun, but if you skip it, it won’t be the end of the world.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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