fromis_9’s “From.9” EP review


Artist: fromis_9
Album: “From.9” EP
Label: Off The Record Entertainment/Stone Music
Year: 2018


After debuting at the beginning of 2018, the rookie group, fromis_9 is back with their latest single album called “From.9” towards the end of the year which would have five songs with three of them being brand new and two from previous releases. Those that get the album digitally would end up with just the new songs, but those that decide on the physical copy would get five songs.


The three new songs on “From.9” are the lead single, “Love Bomb”, “Dancing Queen” and “Colored” while the returning songs are “DKDK” and “22nd Century Girl”.

With this release, they’re doing what works for them which is a cutesy bubblegum pop sound which is extremely catchy. “Love Bomb” may be the lead single, but the song that I liked the most on this release is “Coloring” since it really showcases their very cute concept which has so far won many fans over.


It wasn’t necessary to have songs from other releases be on this album unless it was unreleased. Consumers would get these songs by other means already.

Even though they’re rookies, I don’t expect for them to have a say in their musical direction yet nor expect for them to have different concepts, but I feel like as the upcoming years pass, they’ll eventually have to evolve.


With an overall three releases whether it be single albums or mini albums, the girls of fromis_9 have had a very busy year especially as rookies as they are on a mission to put their mark in the KPop world. After seeing them live in 2018, it was seen that they had a lot of support from fans that were with them from the start and newfound fans. In terms of 2019, sky’s the limit on what they can achieve and they have the potential of having a spectacular follow up year if they stay busy.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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