Miwa’s “Oneness” review


Artist: Miwa
Album: “Oneness”
Label: Sony Music Records
Year: 2015


Miwa has grown into one of my favorite artists overall, not just from Japan. Her music gives all kinds all kinds of emotions including hope, optimism, happiness, and cheerfulness as she is credited with writing all the songs. This was the next album from this soloist I had to check out after listening to her other albums and releases.


I really loved the entire album from the beginning to the end. All 14 songs on “Oneness” were enjoyable. The song “Faith” actually drew me to this album due to watching some of the available clips online, but songs like “Kittokanau”, “It’s You”, and “Philosophy” kept me in. The songs give you a sense of hope and happiness as Miwa has a very pleasant voice. Many of the songs have definite replay value. The songs also carry positive messages with its lyrics and vibe.


The only bad thing I can say is I don’t know which song I like the most and which ones I liked the least. There are a ton of songs I just really love.  I think that usually the artists that write their own music and also do the song composition usually have the best albums and songs.


I’m giving this album a 5/5 because I actually listen to the entire album in its entirety from top to bottom and repeat. In the United States, her music videos are blocked off as they’re region locked which means I had to listen to each song with open ears which in the end worked out for me. This album really sparks joy to me.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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