Red Velvet’s “The Perfect Red Velvet”


Artist: Red Velvet
Album: “The Perfect Red Velvet”
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2017


After going to their concert and actually prior to their concert, I went on a massive listening spree of Red Velvet since I wanted to be familiar with their music. I knew there were a lot of songs I liked that weren’t going to be performed which was okay since they have tons of music that are really enjoyable from hit singles to underrated b-sides.

“The Perfect Red Velvet” is a reissue of the hit album, “Perfect Velvet” with a newer hit single “Bad Boy” and a newer b-side “All Right”.


With the two singles, “Bad Boy” and “Peek-A-Boo”, I really liked that they went towards a more R&B direction to give their music some diversity and variety after stacking their hits with some catchy tunes. I think it help them grow as artist.

The two songs that really caught my ears were “All Right” and “Look” because they return back to their synth pop sound. “All Right” was a more fun song and a welcomed addition to the reissue. Another few songs I liked was “My Second Date” which had a more hip-hop sound but kept to their sound while “Perfect 10” was definitely was a sultry slow it down R&B song. “About Love” is definitely a favorite with its 1990s jazzy R&B with hip-hop vibes.

You want R&B? You got it in this album. You want some hip-hop? You can get it here too. Good ol’ KPop is here too. This is a really diverse album.


I wouldn’t say that there’s a bad song on this album. The b-sides aren’t really good as their stand alone songs but work better as an ensemble. Each subsequent song takes you on a different direction. No two songs sound the same.


I think Red Velvet is one of the most consistent artists in SM Entertainment and all of KPop. They have had really strong releases whether it be mini albums or full length albums. When they have had reissued albums, it’s been worth it to get the additional songs. This is easily one of the better KPop albums in the latter half of the 2010s.  It’s not quite a perfect album yet, but it’s “The Perfect Red Velvet”, and it’s pretty close to it.  It’s as perfect as it can be.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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