Blackpink’s “In Your Area” concert presented by KIA in Los Angeles


On Wednesday, April 17th, 2019, Blackpink held their first concert on American soil at The Forum in Inglewood, California. It was part of their “In Your Area” tour which includes stops all over North America, Europe, and Asia. It was also sandwiched between their Coachella performances as well. What makes it pretty special is that it had been seven years since a KPop girl group held a concert in an arena in North America, and I don’t even recall the last time a KPop girl group had an arena tour in the continent.

It marked the first time I’ve ever attended an event at The Forum which was on the outskirts of Los Angeles. I know it had been recently renovated and became a favorite destination for many artists on tour and sporting events. There has been so much history in this particular building like championships won by the Lakers, Wayne Gretsky putting LA on the hockey map, championship fights in the UFC, and legendary concerts from who’s who in all of music. Now, Blackpink gets to put their name right there with the greats.

What I was afraid of was the lack of music they had since they only had EPs and didn’t have a deep discography. I had heard that they did Christmas songs during their Japan tour, but at this point, we were nowhere near the holiday season. Would they do all of their songs again, but this time in Japanese? Would they do the same songs again but the remix versions, or would they just sing some of the same songs again? Would they unveil even more songs? The good thing was that two weeks prior, they released the “Kill This Love” EP.

Before the concert, I had never heard Blackpink speak English as usually they speak Korean due to most of the programming I watch usually requires them to speak that particular language. I was surprised at how fluent they’re at in English. They were really soft spoken too.

Of course, they went through all their songs and ended up performing some of the songs a second time like “Stay” and “Ddu-du Ddu-du”.

Each of the members also got a solo set. Jennie got to perform her solo song, “Solo” and Lisa did a fantastic dance number. Both Rose and Jisoo did covers of popular western songs. Rose covered popular Korean songs from Taeyang and Park Bom.

This event was not just a concert, but also an event. There were pyrotechnics, back up dancers, a live band, and moving stages. The sea of pink lightsticks was surely a sight to see and hearing the entire arena sing along to all their songs was incredible. Blackpink even had their name spelled out in lights outside of the arena. They really went all out at this venue.

Blackpink surely did an amazing job catering to all the Blinks that traveled all over the place to see them perform. I’m sure they’ll be back eventually.

Written by: Timtastic

The LA concert on their world tour

Posted by Sturdy Pine on Sunday, April 21, 2019

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