Flower’s “F” review


Artist: Flower
Album: “F”
Label: Sony Music Japan
Year: 2019


Due to being a huge fan of E-Girls, it opened up the gateways to check out some of the other groups within the group like Dream and Happiness. In this case, it’s time to check out the music of Flower. I really wanted to check out the music of Flower due to Reina Washio being a standout singer. We’ll definitely do that with their 2019 release titled, “F”.


I thought at worse that I would just like some songs here and there, but boy, was I wrong. I ended up loving all of the songs. The voice of Reina is so smooth and really complements all of the songs. It has that soulful sound and really goes well with their ballad and R&B sound.

This album has hit singles like “Moon Jellyfish”, “Kurenai no Dress” aka “Red Dress”, and “Taiyo no Elegy”, but many songs were really enjoyable.

My favorite song definitely is “Colorful” since it’s such a beautiful song. It’s one of those songs I’ve put on repeat. It really evoked a lot of emotions just because how beautiful it is.

One of my all time favorite songs is Crystal Kay’s “Boyfriend Part 2”. Reina Washio does an amazing job with the cover as I’m pretty harsh on cover songs. Flower definitely passes with flying colors.


Although Reina does a fantastic job providing the vocals, she’s also the only one that provides the vocals. With the other former vocalists exiting the group, it could have given the opportunities for the remaining members to step it up. Until another vocalist emerges, it is up to her to be the voice of Flower.


Reina really established herself as one of the best vocalists in all of JPop, and this album really proves it. She really proves that she can lead an entire album and be a front woman especially after former members Chiharu Muto and Kyoka Ichiki left leaving Reina as the sole vocalist of Flower. Their album may be called “F”, but they definitely pass with an A for this review. Through the first third of 2019, I’d say that this is my favorite album.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic