Seungri’s “V.V.I.P.” EP review

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Artist: Seungri
Album: “V.V.I.P.” EP
Label: YG Entertainment
Year: 2011


With BigBang becoming a phenomenon as a group in the KPop and also JPop world, it was time for the members to branch out as individuals and see what can they achieve on their own. Some were getting gigs on television while others were releasing solo albums. In this case, Seungri was going to show the world that he is more than capable of carrying an album on his own. It was time for him to partake in BigBang’s hopes of a divide and conquer plan.

With his scandal casting a shadow over his entire career, I wanted to look back when things were looking very promising for the youngest member of BigBang.


Normally when members of a group decide to release a solo project, they play it safe by leaning heavily on their group mates, labelmates, their friends, and guest appearances. Seungri did have a touch of that, but he mostly was heavily involved in creating his album. He wrote lyrics for 6/7 of the songs with G-Dragon writing the other. He also did production for five of the songs. He was as hands on as he could for a debut solo album.

He had two singles which were the titled track and “What Can I Do?”, but the two songs I really enjoyed were the b-sides, “Magic” and “I Know” with the latter featuring IU. “I Know” is for sure my favorite song off this EP since it surprised how much great chemistry IU and Seungri have as a duo. It kind of made me want an album for these two. “White Love” is also another songs that shows off the charisma he has.


I wouldn’t say that it’s too much of a bad thing, but in a way this release may have been slept on. Members of BigBang also released music within months of this Seungri debut. G-Dragon’s and TOP’s “GD&TOP” was just released the month prior and Taeyang also made his solo debut months prior. I thought it was a lot to live up to for him, but this album is pretty solid though.


It’s actually pretty surprising that Seungri was pretty hands on for this solo debut. Not only did he write and produce most of the songs, but he choreographed the dance moves for the stage performances and music videos. Although G-Dragon was there at times, he showed that he could stay afloat when thrown off into the deep end of the swimming pool.

He may not have much of a career as of this writing, but let’s remember just for one moment that he was on the verge of individual greatness with this solo release. It not only made his brand stronger at the time but also for YG Entertainment and BigBang.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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