D-Lite’s “D’Scover” review


Artist: D-Lite
Album: “D’Scover”
Label: YGEX
Year: 2013


It took a long time for a solo album to come out of BigBang’s Daesung aka D-Lite as he’s known as in Japan. For this review, we’ll just refer to his Japanese stage name. Everyone else in the group have had their own chance to shine as a solo artist. After the success of the “Alive World Tour”, everyone in BigBang started to branch off individually again to work on their own thing whether it be solo music, acting in movies, or taking part in television shows. For D-Lite, it was time for him to finally drop an album.


It is a glorified cover album with very little original material. I believe the main importance is showcasing the strength of D-Lite’s voice. He often gets overlooked as a main vocalist with many talented folks in his group, so this is his chance to captain his own ship.

One of the positive parts is that being on the same label as many talented artists such as AVEX, it has allowed him to collaborate with such artists as m-flo’s Verbal.

Although most of the songs aren’t his, he has made it his own. To be fair, most of these songs, I have never heard before and am finally being exposed to them thanks to D-Lite.


It’s pretty much a cover album as 10/12 of the songs are from someone else. The ones that are originally for D-Lite are just Japanese remakes of his Korean solo songs. There are no brand new songs as it doesn’t feel original.


It’s great to finally see D-Lite get on the board when it comes to releasing music. It was probably the best move to release his debut solo album in Japan since it awarded him his very own tour all across Japan with many different dates, venues, and cities. If there’s one place where he’s more beloved more than his native Korea, it’s Japan. He’s gone through stadium tours as a member of BigBang and now, he is the sole headlining act with a high demand for his visits. He has been a supporting role for so long, but now it’s his time to be the main event.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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