m-flo’s “Cosmicolor” review

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Artist: m-flo
Album: “Cosmicolor”
Label: Rhythm Zone
Year: 2007


“Cosmicolor” is the last of the trilogy of the “Loves” series which was started after the departure of Lisa from the group. The series was pretty much DJ Taku and Verbal along with guest appearances. “Cosmicolor” follows the successful “Astromantic” and “Beat Space Nine”. This album includes guest appearances from Bonnie Pink, melody., Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, and a lot more. This series goes full circle as it started with Crystal Kay and also ends with her. The theme with this album is “love” as almost all the tracks have the word love in the title.


Some of my all time favorite songs are included in this album like “Stuck in Your Love” with melody., “Simple & Lovely” with Kumi Koda, and “Love Song” with Bonnie Pink. I felt like m-flo worked to the strengths of each artist they worked with and allowed them to be the star because in the end, it is an m-flo album. It feels like m-flo allowed each artist to be part of the musical journey that they were embarking on. Each stop felt really different.


It’s really hard to compare this album to its predecessors because they really do feel different. I wouldn’t say one or the other is better, but each is special in its own right. I really do love the diversity of the artists they worked with though. The album as a whole is great, but not flawless.


As this series with lots of guest appearances wraps up, they ended up starting a new series experimenting with EDM and using in house artists like CREAM. After that, they came full circle reuniting with Lisa. During this era, they came up with some of the most pleasing music with a lot of experimentation with sound and artistry with a who’s who in the genre. Many of these songs are still classics till this day.

What I really appreciated about the “Loves” series is that it allowed me to discover many of the artists m-flo worked with. It allowed me to broaden my horizons and check out other songs which I ended up becoming a fan of especially when I was a newbie to the genre.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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