MBLAQ’s “Mona Lisa” EP review


Artist: MBLAQ
Album: “Mona Lisa” EP
Label: J. Tune Camp
Year: 2011


I was first introduced to MBLAQ back in 2012 when I was first getting into the genre of KPop during the height of the second generation boom. I did at first feel that they were just another group. Fast forward to today, I felt they were a bit under appreciated as they were one of the biggest groups in all of KPop when at full strength during the height of their popularity from music to all the shows they appeared on in Korea. I wanted to go back to check out one of their EPs called “Mona Lisa”.


When I was a bit younger, I definitely overlooked “Mona Lisa” as a single, and till this day, I still do, however, this EP is filled with some hidden gems. “I Don’t Know” was a promotional single, but it may be the best song on this EP and should have been the lead single. “I Think You Know” is a song with hit potential written all over it. “One” also falls in the same category, and it sounds like a song that would be performed towards the end of one of the concerts which would have that magical feeling especially in that sea of lightsticks.


Usually in most KPop groups, there’s a role of a “rapper” which is to give a change of pace in the song. On some occasions, they’re seen as the star of the group. In this case, MBLAQ really doesn’t need one as it doesn’t add anything special to any of the songs. I think with their musical direction, they could do without any rapping.

With that being said, they’re also known to be a ballad group as “I Shouldn’t Have Said It” didn’t really show us that they’re at that level.


I feel like it took for some departures, time, and nostalgia to really appreciate what MBLAQ has done as a five person unit. Sure, they’re still around as a trio, but that five member version is what everyone wants to remember them as. This EP is one of their finest works of music as there’s a lot of catchy songs fans of theirs would absolutely love.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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