Tohoshinki’s “Time” review

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Artist: Tohoshinki
Album: “Time”
Year: 2013


To some of us, they’re known as TVXQ or Tong Vfang Xien Qi. To a majority of people, they’re known as DBSK or Dong Bang Shin Ki. To the Japanese fans, they’re known as Tohoshinki. No matter what you decide to address them as, it all translates to “Rising Gods of the East”.

I’ve checked out their Korean albums and songs in the past, but I’ve never officially checked out their Japanese material until now. I wanted to hear if there were any differences and similarities. If there’s one place where they may possibly be more beloved than their home country of Korea, it’s Japan where they’ve done many Japanese tours through stadiums and major arenas.


This album does have songs that they’ve already done and promoted in Korea in “Humanoids” and “Catch Me”. It does include new singles in “Still” and “Android”. What really caught me was how amazing the b-sides were. These were songs I never got to hear in their Korean albums. I love some of these songs that are Japanese exclusives.

This album really pushed the many musical styles that they were pursuing like JPop, dubstep, dance pop, R&B, electronic, and ballad. It really became a melting pot of music to fit the Tohoshinki sound.


There isn’t much negative things I can say since this album is superior to any of their Korean albums which makes me wonder if their other Japanese albums are full of the same awesome material. It’ll make me compare all of their Japanese and Korean albums. It’ll make me do the same with many other artists that are popular in both markets.

I’ve complained in the past that many SM Entertainment artists release amazing singles but just load up their albums with filler. This is not the case as each song is full of quality in their Japanese releases.


Tohoshinki is one of the few KPop acts to have a very song foothold in Japan which is a market many artists wish to have an impact in. They have had a strong showing with release after release. Many KPop artists have tried and failed to captivate the hearts of the Japanese fans, but Tohoshinki is different. They’ve been able to capture the minds and imagination of the fans there by fully embracing the market. It sure has paid off.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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