GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s “Brand New Story” EP review


Album: “Brand New Story” EP
Label: LDH music/Rhythm Zone/avex entertainment
Year: 2019


I decided to check out the music from GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE because I’m a huge fan of their sister group, E-Girls. I wanted to check out the music of their brother group and I’m familiar with them due to hearing their music here and there. I’ve seen two of their documentaries and the Exile name holds weight in Japanese pop music. I wanted to start out with an EP, so I went with this one.


There’s only two songs which are the titled single and “Control Myself”. The song “Brand New Story” is quite enjoyable while “Control Myself” is a perfect song for those that are coming from the KPop world and want to check out a group that fits the mold of songs that they like. I’d definitely recommend Generations to a KPop fan that wants to try to check out JPop groups.


There aren’t enough songs to really give a proper grading especially since I’m still trying to understand what this group is all about.


The good thing is that these songs along with various other singles that they have released will be released in an entire album along with new songs. The album will be called “Shonen Chronicle”.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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