AAA’s “Color a Life” review


Artist: AAA
Album: “Color a Life”
Label: AVEX Trax
Year: 2018


I got into this group since I was streaming music and was intending on passing out on a long bus ride to Los Angeles. I just let it run and came across this group called AAA. I liked one of the songs and came across more songs that I liked. This was unlike any group I’ve heard before especially since this is a co-ed group with everyone’s vocals sounding completely different from the other members. I decided to start with this album since “Dejuvu” was the first song I heard from them.


Oh god! This is unlike I’ve heard anything before. From top to bottom, I can honestly say I enjoyed the entire album. There are singles like “Dejavu” and “No Way Back”, but the single that really opened me up to this group was “Life” and when pairing with the music video, you really see what this group is all about. Their music is extremely diverse where their b-sides are as good or if not better than their singles. “Gotta Love Me” is my recommendation for b-sides to check out and also “Kiss the Sky”. What makes the songs special is Misako Uno since she adds the lone female voice to the voice which gives it that needed boost of contrasting voices. They can go pop, R&B, hip-hop, electronic, ballad, or anything they want and really make it work and more.


The only negative thing I’d say is that with a deep album like this, they didn’t need a prologue, interlude, nor did they need an epilogue since it didn’t add anything to the palate of this fine piece of art.


Traditionally, co-ed groups haven’t really worked, but somehow, someway, they made it work and more. This album really changed music for me which warrants a 5/5 since they had many things that made them deserving. They had phenomenal music from top to bottom, had creativity in their music, had something I’ve never heard before, and that something different that separates them from other groups. I definitely will be checking out more music from them down the road if I haven’t already.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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