BoA’s “Woman” review


Artist: BoA
Album: “Woman”
Label: SM Entertainment/IRIVER
Year: 2018


“Woman” marks the 19th overall album and 9th Korean album for BoA. It’s quite an achievement and many artists would love to make it to that number since it signifies longevity in the music and entertainment business.

For some reason, this album flew under the radar when it initially came out. I decided to give this album a listen after checking out some of her previous releases.


The two songs I definitely recommend are the last two songs which I think are the best ones on the album. They are “Good Love” and “I Want You Back”. I definitely love the latter the most on this album as it has a disco and funk feel.

Most of the songs were penned by BoA as she wrote six of the ten songs. She also worked on the boards as she did some of the producing too. After being in the music industry for so long, she definitely deserves the direction in which the music would head towards especially her own songs and albums.


I found myself realizing why this album flew under the radar. No one was talking about the album especially on my social media since it wasn’t her best work. Sure, she was in control for most of the album, but the songs were just lacking a punch with each song. Each song until the last two felt like fillers. I felt like this was the good ol’ SM Entertainment album we could all expect.


I actually had high hopes for this album considering I really enjoyed some of her other albums. It wasn’t meant to be this time around but every artist has at least one dud in their arsenal of music.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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