Happiness’ “GOLD” EP review


Artist: Happiness
Album: “GOLD” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment/LDH
Year: 2017


I decided to listen to more of Happiness since they’re the one LDH girl group I listen to the least not because I dislike them, but because I’ve listened to E-Girls, Flower, and Dream a lot. I’ve decided to check out more music from Happiness which brings us to their 2017 release called “Gold”.


This EP has four songs. The song that I liked was “I’m So Wow”. They really do stand out compared to Flower and Dream with their high energy tracks that have a taste of EDM. As the youngest group of the three E-Girls group, they have the youth and energy. I also enjoyed the remake of the song “Jump”.


“Gold”, the titled single, was decent, but it doesn’t really stand out to me. The songs were good but not great. Also, one of these days, I hope other members beside Ruri and Karen get to lend vocals. Anna Suda and Yurino both have experience doing rap portions in songs as a part of Sudannayuzuyully_, so hopefully one day they could get to be part of the albums. Up to date, they have already done vocals.


It’s a good album, but it’s not a great album. I’d like to see what they have down the road with a future release and what direction they’d be heading towards especially if they add some of these songs to a full LP along with their releases after this particular one. They do have to hold it down since Flower and Dream as of this writing are no more, so it’s up to Happiness to carry the mantle.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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