Anime Expo 2019


On July 4th to 7th, 2019 with pre show night being on July 3rd, Anime Expo returned once again to the Los Angeles Convention Center along with various other events at the JW Marriott and The Novo at LA Live. This anime convention was expected to be even bigger than the previous years. I personally was looking forward to experiencing new things.

One of the negative things was just the booking of venues. Microsoft Theater wasn’t able to be booked as ESPN had already laid claim to the venue for their annual ESPY Awards show. That meant that concerts and other events had to be moved to the significantly smaller Novo.

The other negative thing was lines, lines, and lines. On day one, they were unable to contain the massive lines. Anime Expo staff and volunteers did the best they could but were not prepared for the mass amounts of attendees. They had not learned from previous years about how many people actually attend this convention. There weren’t enough entrances to get in and lines were just way too long. It did not affect me since I didn’t need to be at the venue when the lines were significantly insane.

I won’t get into my day one experience since I had already made a previous post about the Street Fighter cosplay competition which means I’ll get started on day two. Day two was technically my off day since there were no real set plans. I only ran one cosplay gathering that day which was the annual fighting game cosplay gathering. Unlike the previous year, it wasn’t 120 degrees.

Day three was the usual Sailor Moon Day which means the entire day is dedicated to my favorite anime franchise. It started off in the morning for the Viz Media panel which included the English voice actors to talk about the release of the DVD of Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars. The next portion was to see the Japanese panel for Sailor Moon which included the manga, revealing upcoming things that has to do with the franchise like Shining Moon Tokyo, and merchandise. Also the actress that portrayed Sailor Moon in the musical, Kanae Yumemiya, was also there as Sailor Moon. There were also photo ops with her too. Finally, there was a cosplay gathering at a less than ideal location.

I also took this experience to try to go to as many panels as I could. There were some really educational ones like learning Japanese, Shinto religion, and more. An earthquake also occurred during one of the panels.

This was possibly the best Anime Expo yet as I got to experience new things and met lots of friends during this convention.

Written by: Timtastic

Anime Expo 2019 photos

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