MBLAQ’s “Just BLAQ” EP review

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah.avi_snapshot_01.47_[2011.11.11_23.07.31]

Artist: MBLAQ
Album: “Just BLAQ” EP
Label: J. Tune Camp
Year: 2009


I was listening to a mix of second generation KPop and encountered this particular song that I happened to like from MBLAQ years ago called “Oh Yeah”. That’s when I decided to check out the rest of this very EP that it came from. I also wanted to go back on a nostalgic run of KPop music from awhile back from a very underrated boy band.


Although “Oh Yeah” is a pretty hype track that literally anyone can get into, the track that was the unsung MVP of this three song EP was “G.O.O.D. Luv”. It’s an impressive song with it’s melodic feel, good use of autotune, and it’s extremely catchy. I might even put this B side song as possibly my favorite overall song from MBLAQ.


Although this was their first release, the three songs felt like samplers to a main course. It left would be fans wanting more. The three songs that were on this short album were fine, but of course with many groups especially boy bands debuting around the same time, it would be fantastic to have the best head start possible.


This was their debut EP under Rain. It was a really good way to start a career with a KPop legend like Rain overseeing all activities especially since they were the primary group to bring home the bread to J. Tune Camp. I think at this point, they really had something going on here and were set up to be one of the bigger groups in the second generation of KPop.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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